Take Survey: How Healthy Are Montclarions?

With the new year coverage of resolutions, it sparks curiosity about Montclarions.  Rather than asking a few coffee shop devotees and neighbors, we decided to conduct a quick survey to gauge the healthy or unhealthy habits of Montclarions.

By answering these simple questions, we hope to profile your fitness and health routines – for the new year and beyond.  Who needs national trends when it’s more interesting to find out what we actually do?   Click here to participate.

Survey Guy

Here are the areas we probe:   How often do you exercise and what kinds of exercise?  What are your good and bad eating habits?  What vices or habits are you willing to admit?  How obsessed are you about yourself or family?  The questions are multiple choice and take a few minutes to complete.

Let’s see how many Montclarions are bigger talkers versus walkers, so to speak.  Thanks in advance for your participation…and we’ll report back soon.

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