TGIF At The Farmstead

Did you see this news?  The Oakland scene is usually defined by other places, but Montclair’s been declared “in the mix” by Oakland Magazine – and that’s a long time coming.

In the December issue delivered today, reporter Derek Richardson says “the sidewalks tend to roll up with the twilight”  in Montclair Village.  However he says there’s a Friday night buzz now at  Farmstead.

Farmstead Cheeses and Wines

Farmstead Cheeses and Wines (map) invites locals to its TGIF wine tasting party on Fridays, from 6pm-8pm.  Since it’s only $3 per flight, you can’t go wrong.  They e-mail folks about what wines will be available and encourage everyone – in a pretty low-key way – to stop by for tastings.

Owner Jeff Diamond says “it’s become something of a social scene.”  Typically some 30-40 folks show up after work to greet the weekend, and the numbers are growing.

Diamond opened this Montclair shop last May, after perfecting his first and ongoing Alameda shop for many years.  Since then, he has encouraged Montclarions to try wine and artisan cheeses without any intimidation.  He offers tastings as well as organizes dinners.

Between this new Friday night buzz and our well-regarded Jazz and Wine Festival, we are slowly gaining a vino-related reputation around here.

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