Farmstead Cheeses Now Open

For a long while, Montclarions have watched the transformation of an old cigar store into a new cheese and wine shop. We knew this was coming because of the permit on the door.

Last weekend, the cheeses were getting placed in the cases. Now the doors are open, and I can tell you this is a big boost for us. It’s about time for a first-class, specialty shop around here.

Farmstead Cheeses and Wines is a throw-back, where you can wander around the world. They will cater to your whims. There are all kinds of clubs and gatherings planned too.

While this is a foodie heaven, it’s okay to ask for a cheese sliver. With some 150 cheeses available, sampling is almost a requirement! The wines complete the picture, and there are 500 offerings on hand.

Why did this Alameda shop decide to expand here? Owner Jeff Diamond lives in the Village, which explains a lot. According to The Montclarion, “Diamond’s wife, Carol Huntington, heard about a space while getting her hair cut.”

Farmstead is open daily, from 10am-8pm Mon-Sat, and 10am-7pm Sun. The shop is located on the steep part of LaSalle, across from the parking garage (map here).

One thought on “Farmstead Cheeses Now Open

  1. Thanks! It’s great to be part of the vibrant Montclair Village shopping district. Remember, we have fun wine tastings every Friday night from 6-8 p.m.

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