Never Enough Baby Clothes

Montclarion Lisa Klein has been busy the past few years, organizing and distributing 10,000 pounds (!) of baby clothing and blankets to new mothers.  While that seems like a substantial accomplishment, she’s only getting started.

The premise is simple but requires time, energy and money.  Klein prepares and donates “boy” and “girl” boxes to local hospitals, so underprivileged mothers can take care of their newborns with fewer worries.

Today, Klein’s Loved Twice non-profit group gets its day in the sun.  We wanted to pile onto the publicity bandwagon from Comcast Channel One and the Oakland Tribune.  After all, Lisa is a Montclair mother and hometown hero who has done more than her share of good works.

To help the cause locally, you may donate financially or drop off clothing at Cool Tops Cuts for Kids (in Oakland or Lafayette).  While Klein has been able to help 1,000 mothers in Oakland, Berkeley, Hayward, and even New Orleans, she continues to need donations and assistance.

Loved Twice has been organized with a larger mission.  By sharing details about conducting clothing drives, Klein would like to encourage other good samaritans to pick up the mantel in their cities too.

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