Sibley’s For The Bovines

Because Sibley Volcanic Preserve is just up the road, it’s easy to take human visitors to see the unusual volcanic remains and stellar natural views.

What about celebrating its bovine visitors?  While Bessie and her cousins are grazing there, they make a walk more special any day.

Let’s see how the cows appear as you head up the hills.  Depending on your hiking approach, you may first see the fencing which alerts to the fact that cattle are nearby… but where?

After reading the warning, you enter and close the gate carefully behind you.  There’s no sign of the beasts yet, but you may be lucky enough to run into our iconic California poppies.

Without much fanfare, a single cow or two will finally emerge.  Here’s a snapshot of Bessie, who’s clearly “on watch” and surveying walkers coming up the trail.  Other cows are quietly grazing after you crest the hill.

So while we typically appreciate Sibley’s great natural and Bay Area vistas, we should celebrate the local cows too.  The last time I took a walk, the bovines didn’t greet me – but I expect them to return soon.

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