No More Bay Area Backroads

Bay Area Backroads is no more!  Host Doug McConnell posted news that his TV show has been dropped due to “tough economic times [which] required KRON to cease production.”  The last new episode airs this weekend, with reruns thereafter.

The decades-long program is a source of local inspiration.  McConnell acts as the chief cheerleader of open spaces and top spots within the Bay Area.

Currently there are Seven Bay Area Wonders featured online, and the Claremont Hotel makes the cut because of the classic architecture and nice hillside setting.  It’s keeping company with the Golden Gate Bridge.

Earlier this year, McConnell returned to Tilden Park and showed off the top spots.  It was a trip down memory lane for Doug, who also used old footage of his now-grown toddler visiting there.

Anyway, Doug isn’t planning to disappear soon and hopes that Backroads will be picked up by public TV station KQED.  He also plans to make videos available on Open Road TV – which would be just fine with us.

Update:  Open Road TV is now a weekly show on KQED-TV, and you can watch full episodes here.

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