Montclarions Settle In

Everyone agrees that Montclair is a stable burg, but why?  Sometimes this is hard to answer, so here’s more statistical proof.

Our Village is comprised of 80% homeowners versus 43% for Oakland overall.  Also the median time living here is 4.7 years versus 3.3 years for Oakland.  Yes, Montclarions settle in for a while.

We own homes as empty nesters or non-parents.  There’s an average of two people per household and just a quarter of homes with kids.

We don’t make much of a dent in the Oakland stats, because Montclair represents about one percent of Oakland by population size.   So you have to dig around to unearth our unique patterns.

This week, real estate site Redfin made these and other community stats available.  While the stats help buyers compare places to live, they also provide a window into what makes our Village tick.

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