Big Miss Tree Contest

Enter your favorite big tree in this beauty contest!  Oakland has begun a Big Tree Registry to honor the largest and oldest specimens in the City.  This is a celebration of more than our venerated Oak – any native or imported species can qualify for this registry.

Only one tree per species will be glorified and awarded protected status.  Currently there are seven trees which have made the grade.  They reside at Joaquin Miller Park, Dunsmuir, Oakland Zoo and outside a few private residences.

To add to the list or beat the ones there, take a look around for some contestants.  Now the fun begins because you will need to measure them, and here’s a little help.  You ultimately calculate “total points” by adding:  trunk circumference in inches + height in feet + 1/4 of the crown spread in feet.

All done?  Then take a picture of your favorite contestant and complete this application.  If you have any questions, contact Dan Gallagher ( in the Public Works department.

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