Saving Beaconsfield Canyon From Ourselves

We just learned that some irresponsible folks left kerosene-filled torches in Beaconsfield Canyon, a brilliant move.  CBS5 Anchor and fellow Montclarion Wendy Tokuda discovered these torches and saved the day!

Beaconsfield Canyon is a small, five-acre preserve near Ascot Drive, which is managed by the City of Oakland.  It’s pretty much left alone by the City, but needs restoration work.

The Friends of Sausal Creek organize monthly work parties, where volunteers devote time to clearing the brush.  Their efforts prevent fires and encourage biodiversity.

CBS5 Anchor Tokuda joined the clean-up crew last weekend.  She fixed the immediate problem, and then reported the news to the Montclair Watchdogs:

This last Saturday when we were working in Beaconsfield, we found 3 torches on long bamboo poles, used to provide light…They had kerosene in them and there was evidence at least one had been used. I took them to the Shepard’s Canyon fire station and asked if they might post a no-fires sign down there.

This Canyon is small but valuable to the Sausal Creek ecosystem.  I’m fascinated by Sausal Creek’s history, including the impacts by natives, farmers, landed gentry and 20th century developers.  Now we are trying to return to the past, slowly but surely.

So fair warning to these (or any) folks who decide to “hang out” in the woods:  please think before you leave fire-starters and other detritus behind.

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