Want Asian Food, Won’t Travel

We would like to report on Montclarions and their dining preferences.  Are you habitual, returning to the same places over and over?  How often do you dine locally versus beyond the Village gates?

To find out, we’re conducting a short survey (now closed) about your Asian dining choices.  It’s time to see what you are really doing, when you crave Chinese, Thai or Sushi meals.

Villagers seem to embrace the polyglot, yet only have four (!) Asian options in town.  These stalwarts have been around for years:

  • Pagarung Thai: Good curry, destination – Yelp – 6200 Antioch Ct. – 510-339-0566
  • Silver Palace: Chinese from the 70s – Yelp – 6515 Moraga Ave. – 510-339-9380
  • Thai Bai: Family cooking, takeout – Yelp – 5736 Thornhill Dr. – 510-339-8030
  • Toshi Sushi: Traditional options – Yelp – 6100 La Salle Ave. – 510-339-1995

These are local spots, not Bay Area destinations.  Everyone has grown dependent on them, like old family or friends.  But a little excitement might be nice, too.

So please share your opinions now – and we’ll report back in a few days.

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