New Song for Oakland

Should we reach out to Bruce Bratton, for a new Oakland theme song?

When asked to identify a city theme song, Oaklanders proudly point to Bruce’s historical kitsch: Oakland, We’re For You. While this song is undeniably catchy, it received radio airplay over 40 years ago.

Back then, we were honoring the Alameda Tube, Nimitz Freeway and Tribune Tower with Tin-Pan stylings. How about a rap or jazz piece instead?

A UC Berkeley alum, Bratton organized the trio who wrote and performed the ditty. He remains quite fond of his Oakland music-making days – even mentioning those “15 minutes” when interviewed last year.

In the negative column, Bruce transferred his allegiance to Santa Cruz years ago. Currently he pens a weekly column and hosts a radio show there.

While we could tap Bruce, it’s time for a new generation to share their talents. Anyone out there?

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