Fixing The Sink Holes

Don’t hold your breath, but Oakland’s going to permanently fix the Shepherd Canyon sink holes. After numerous road repairs over the years, an appropriation should be approved tomorrow:

These sink holes appear on a regular basis, when there’s plenty of rain that isn’t diverted properly. Apparently, the storm drainage pipes buried underground are nearly 60 years old and have seen better days.

Based on this resolution, the pipes will eventually get replaced. The real question is…when?

** At nearly $1 million, this fix could get delayed by budget snafus. The City says it will cover part of the cost, and likely seek assistance from State and Federal coffers too.

** With funding, construction bids are set for next February. This means we can look forward to another winter with sink hole possibilities, before this fix is in the ground.

At least we’re on the radar screen, as part of Oakland’s storm drainage capital plans. If you’d like more info about the Shepherd mess, please read the full resolution.

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