Brian Copeland’s Here, Sunday at 2pm

One of our East Bay celebs, Brian Copeland, will be at A Great Good Place for Books (map) tomorrow. It’s worth going to see him – even if you normally don’t “do” bookstore readings.

KGO listeners know Brian pretty well. He airs commentaries during the afternoons and also hosts a show on Sundays, from 9-11am (KGO-AM 810).

Copeland will discuss Not a Genuine Black Man, based on his one-man show about racism. Learn more in this NPR interview with Farai Chideya, or CBS5 profile by Barbara Rodgers.

The book and show reflect Brian’s feelings about the East Bay, too. He grew up as one of the few African-Americans in a white suburb: San Leandro in the early 1970s. While the place didn’t welcome him, 35+ years have passed and he still lives there today.

Brian’s a comedian and has a wry take on life. As proof, here’s a KGO audio clip called 7 Words, which is all about the dirty words you’re not supposed to say on air. Who needs bombastic or offensive ways to say the same thing?

Anyway, Copeland will begin speaking after the Farmers Market wraps up, at 2pm. I hope A Great Good Place won’t be too crowded – it’s not that large a shop.

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