Let’s Try Some Yarn Graffiti

Here’s a new kind of urban folk art that we could embrace.  Imagine if Oakland’s chain-link fences were decorated with yarn graffiti, displaying colorful patterns “painted” by aspiring artists.

We recently discovered some yarn graffiti in the Oakland neighborhood of Pittsburgh (PA), where three dream-catchers were woven into a bridge overpass.

Yarn Graffiti

What’s amusing is the initial response from a Pittsburgh councilman, who wasn’t quite sure what to say about this yarn-art when it mysteriously appeared on the Schenley bridge.  According to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette:

Before his chief of staff tracked down the source of the creations, city Councilman Doug Shields had fun with the idea that it might have been a bit of unsanctioned expression, saying, ‘This is yet another example of the worsening economy’ — graffiti by yarn instead of paint, ‘although this seems to be more pleasing to the eye and is far easier to remove.’

Just like our nice wall murals, this yarn graffiti seems like another way to dress up Oakland.  I’m wondering how you would feel if yarn designs starting running amuck around the city.