Still Defined By A Van

Yes, we live in a time-stands-still bubble in Northern California.  At least when tourists think about Berkeley, it’s all tie-dyed dreams they imagine.  While we’re less brandished than our neighbors to the immediate north, visitors can’t seem to resist fulfilling their fantasies.

One LA-based photographer snapped this spiffy Volkswagen van during his visit to the Montclair District, as an iconic description of place.  While this VW is a nice specimen and all, it’s tiresome to still get defined by a van.

We would like to drop out as much as the next guy, but this yellow beauty isn’t resonating with your faithful blogger.  (However a white and blue-striped model triggers fond memories of my kindergarten transportation, but I digress.)

Nowadays, Montclarions move in and roots start to form pretty quickly.  We live in a place where you stay, invest and grow up.  Those yellow vans are a vanishing species, yet our wanderlust might be hidden somewhere.