Thornhill Eats Too

Did you know there are FIVE places to nosh or pick up food on Thornhill Drive?  As you pass by, it’s easy to blink and miss what’s sitting in this small commercial section of town.

There’s enough to sustain Thornhill neighbors, who don’t have to drive “all the way” into the Village for a quick breakfast, coffee, lunch, dinner or bottle of soda.  Here’s the official scoop on what you can consume in Montclair’s northern reaches.

Viva Voce Cafe

* Italian: Viva Voce Cafe – 5761 Thornhill, 510-339-0990 – Yelp

Order some terrific soups, pizza, pasta and more.  It’s a very nice and cozy spot for dinner, even for special occasions. Viva Voce has been open a few years, and really should be a destination spot for all Montclarions.

* Thai: Thai Bai – 5736 Thornhill, 510-339-8030 – Yelp

Pick up your homemade thai dinner.  Of course, all the favorites you crave are available, and there are specials daily.  Try the ginger-type dishes for a change.  The place has been around for years, serving up healthy and quick fare.

* Coffee: Thornhill Coffee House – 5772 Thornhill, 510-339-8187 – Yelp

Make the daily run for good eats, coffee and friends.  It’s a comfy “third place” to hang out, filled with parents who dropped their kids off (at school) and other regulars.  Owner Thyda always makes you feel loved, offering a taste of this or that.

* Pizza: MG’s Pizza – 5736 Thornhill Dr, 510-339-1300 – Yelp

The newest spot on Thornhill, which entered the pizza wars.  They offer traditional rather than designer pies, and  should keep tinkering with the recipes a bit more.  Most importantly, they deliver pizzas to your doorstep.

* Junk: 7-Eleven – 5741 Thornhill, 510-339-9123 – Yelp

Trust the chain, sometimes.  We’re pretty happy that essentials are nearby, day and night.  There’s no need to traipse to the markets, when cravings strike.  They actually stock some decent stuff like nuts, pasta and um, Ben & Jerry’s.