Village Dog Shuts Down

Forget grabbing a good weiner in Montclair Village. After years of business, Village Dog closed its doors abruptly.

I wonder what happened, if business was bad or the owners simply wanted to move on. I checked out the store and there’s not even a farewell message.

In an ongoing survey, Montclarions were evenly split when asked to vote for Village Dog or Berkeley’s Top Dog. However ours didn’t require a drive north.

My local favorite was the bratwurst, along with a massive side of onion rings. Now it’s just a Village Dog memory, R.I.P.

Postscript: According to unconfirmed rumors, an Indian fast-food place may take up residence. This could be like the Farmers Market takeout option – not bad.

Dead Heat: Top, Village Dogs

Frankly (!), we are in a dead heat.

Last week, I ran an survey for the best local weiners. Would Berkeley’s Top Dog win? Or Montclair’s own Village Dog alternative?

We have to learn something from Bush vs Gore — or Hillary vs Obama.  Because of the outcome, I intend to keep voting open until there’s a clear winner.

Vote early but not often:  sorry, election is over

Vote Now For Top Dog!

Frankly (!) I think the Berkeley crowd is far too proud of Top Dog. I’m ready for a duel between Top Dog vs. Village Dog.

Vote now for the best weiners:  sorry, election is over

Oakland should be proud of Village Dog, which declared its independence from Top Dog years ago. Please join me in this all-important election. Thanks!