Where Was The Tribune Report?

While I enjoy the Oakland Tribune, something happened today that made me really sad:  zero mention about a new candidate for the Oakland mayoral race next year.  This little news item was published by the San Francisco Chronicle instead.

According to the Chronicle, Robert Bobb will join the mayoral candidate race.  After serving for many years as Oakland city administrator, Bobb threw his hat into the ring and plans to return home from his temporary Detroit gig.

Now there are three unofficial candidates counting Jean Quan, our Montclair-Laurel city council rep;  presumed front-runner Don Perata, the former state senator; and newest arrival Bob Bobb.  Most Oaklanders assume that current Mayor Ron Dellums will retire after his single term in office.

Tribune Mirror Reflections

Back to the Oakland Tribune’s miss, though. It’s one thing to drop extra or non-essential coverage.  Or forego unaffordable investigations, Pulitzer prizes be damned.  (Though I felt that State of Play, the new flick featuring Russell Crowe as the investigative journalist, was bittersweet.)

When city news isn’t broken by Oakland’s official paper of record, that’s quite noticeable to locals.  Although the Tribune was scooped by the City across the Bay’s gumshoe, you would think the item warranted some mention today.  We figure it will get printed tomorrow.

In the meantime, let’s take a moment here and shake our heads…no, no, no.