Depressing Robbery On Piedmont Ave.

There’s a depressing, new-style robbery that seems to be sweeping up the hills.  Now the thieves hold up a restaurant or bar and all its patrons too.  After all, why not get as much money as possible to pay the bills?!

The Tribune reported armed bandits hitting the venerable Kerry House last night, located on Piedmont Avenue (map).  This robbery took place at 1:40am, when most businesses are closed – so it’s possible that quiet streets made these bandits more courageous.

Piedmont Avenue is a very popular and one-of-a-kind shopping district.  Oakland’s desperate thieves are starting to follow the money and are no dummies.  If they succeed, there will surely be copycat thefts elsewhere on Piedmont too.

The local police “on the beat” probably should be walking the streets while any restaurants or bars are open, including peak or wee hours.  Maybe that will be enough to avert a crime wave during the heat of summer.