Snow Day In East Bay Hills

We love our snow days here in the East Bay hills!  Today the snow even stuck around, due to cold temperatures.  Too curious to sit still, we headed uphill to see the white stuff.

There was snow on many rooftops below 1,000 feet, and bushes and hillsides remains sprinkled as well.  Once we rounded the bend to Skyline Boulevard, the evidence of wintertime was everywhere.

Evidence #1: Well, you can see the snow underfoot, which wasn’t deep but definitely widespread.  I should have dressed up for the occasion with real winter boots, but you get the picture looking down.  It felt great to hear and feel the crunch for a while today.

Evidence #2: Huckleberry Regional Preserve was showing off its winterized, holiday look as well.  We don’t see the snow-covered grasses very often, as snapped here.   So many of the trees and shrubs were covered, and not melting in the shadows either.

Evidence #3: Folks gathered up on Skyline, to record the day for posterity.  It was funny to watch everyone stop cold, almost taken aback by the great Eastern vista.  No one had seen this much snow, this late in the day.

Evidence #4: Unlike most snows, this one ventured lower in altitude last night.  While we normally get thrilled by a snow-topped Mt. Diablo, the range views were even better.  From Skyline, we gazed out at the East Bay Himalayan Range today – what a rarity!

Yes Virginia, It Snows In Oakland

Since snow is such a rare event around here, everyone went a bit crazy this week when the white stuff started falling.  Heck, it even stuck on the ground for a short while.

What happens when it snows?   Everyone grins with disbelief, that we are graced with snow right now.  Some transform into kids again, and just have to play with the snow.  Since it’s so ephemeral, a lot of people pick up their cameras.  Here’s a quick retrospective from local TV stations and neighbors.

Let’s start with this little boy in Montclair who’s just watching the action from his deck – and which looks like Tahoe and not the Oakland Hills.  The video shows the stuff falling, the little boy checking things out, and a few declarations of “cool” from the boy and his sibling.

Montclair Joy Of Snow

We also have a snowball thrower or two because, well, that’s standard operating procedure with snow.  In this raw footage from CBS5-TV, you see a guy and gal venturing out to the snow-dusted Tilden Park hillside.  The gal eventually reaches down, quickly gathers enough snow, and tosses the snowball at her buddy.  Mission accomplished.

First Toss Gathering Snow

Here’s an action shot, taken up on Grizzly Peak Blvd yesterday.  The snowball is clearly captured in mid-air, a few feet from the thrower.  Meanwhile his companion almost looks ready to catch it, but not sure why.  Also check out the small snowman which stands near the catcher.

First Toss In Air

Next we head a bit south to the Oakland Hills Swim Club, which has been dubbed “Oakland Hills Snow Club” by the YouTuber.  Right outside the entrance, there’s plenty of contrast so you witness the snowfall underway.  It’s coming down pretty quickly at this point.

Oakland Hills Swim Club

There’s plenty of white stuff at the Swim Club, which sits at 1,350 ft above sea level.  Even this bush is nicely decorated by Mother Nature, don’t you think?  I don’t know if this plant is well-suited for deep winter but it should survive the short-term onslaught.

Oakland Hills Snow Bush

So there you have it:  the snows of 2008 right in our Oakland backyard.  It’s so rare and incongruous in Oakland, the land of perfect weather.  Well, a little snow fits that definition too.