Remember the Oaks

With the Oakland Athletics lingering in the bottom third of the American League, and the ball club’s owners hankering to leave town, it can be difficult to muster much enthusiasm for professional baseball in the East Bay. Allow us to suggest a journey back to a happier era.

You have two weeks left to see The Oakland Oaks: Pro Baseball in Emeryville, 1913-1955 at the History Room in the Oakland Public Library. Many people know that there was once a Pacific Coast League ballpark where Pixar now stands, but the details of the Oakland Oaks’ glory years have been largely forgotten. Casey Stengel, Mel Ott, and Lefty O’Doul all managed the team. The Oaks’ great rival were the San Francisco Seals. General admission was $1.25. The team won pennants in 1948, 1950, and 1954, the year before they moved to Vancouver and became the Mounties.

The exhibit at the library has a great collection of photos and memorabilia. Here’s a Today in Montclair Trivia Question: The Pacific Coast is still going strong as a Triple-A league. What is the current team name and hometown of the old Oakland Oaks?