Little Ants Appear In Droves

These crawlers are strange, appearing suddenly and in droves.  They show up only once or twice a year, whether you’re ready for them or not.  Our ants visited last night, crawling all around the inside and outside of the kitchen garbage can – and not wandering far afield.

These creatures should have known better than to emerge in my domicile.

Bring out the carcinogens!  Somehow all those green aspirations go out the window when the icky ants appear – and that equally disgusting, poisonous spray helps me obliterate ’em instantly.

After the first rains this fall, some Montclarions were blessed with an onslaught of termites.  I thought the ants were triggered by rain as well, but maybe there are other factors.  These guys might get cold and seek out cozier spots on wintery days.

Any knowledgeable Montclarions out there?

Dealing With Those Ants

We have arrived at ant season.  Somehow, these very small ants find their way into interesting spots around the house.  They arrive in battalions, sneaking through cracks and door jams and other unknown sources.  Even if you are very clean, they still appear inside older homes.

Ant Triptych

I wonder how they decide to make their formations.  Often they walk in line on the floor, playing follow the leader’s scent.  Sometimes they choose to fan out a bit, in a corner.  Occasionally they break from organized teams, trying to find something interesting to explore.

Regardless, they are an easy target.  The mass murderer arrives – that would be me – fully armed with appropriate carcinogens from the supermarket.  I have a lemon fresh variety this season, and generally spray into a location.  Then I unceremoniously pick up the remains with some tissues and flush them away.

After a while, I forget these creatures ever graced the place – until fresh rains arrive and a new group decides to visit.  History repeats itself every year.