Montclarion Crime = Landscaping Harassment

Our crimes are just not world class.

Thanks to the East Bay Express, I learned about a recent plant theft. It spurred me to investigate all landscaping matters reported through our Montclair watchdog group this month.

Plainly Irritating – A commercial establishment uses a leaf blower at 8am once/week and creates noise pollution for neighbors. I would say try living in the city sometime, and buck up.

Cause for Alarm – Someone has been driving by a landscape project and seems suspicious. We are in America, so I would like to follow our innocent until guilty principles.

Village Theft – Some 72 succulents (mostly Echevarias) were stolen from a homeowner’s property. Okay, this is an actual theft and I’m sure the plants were worth something.

For those who can’t picture succulents, here’s a photo showcasing some beauties. These are planted in Oakland, and no one has stolen them yet.

While petty crimes occur in Montclair, it seems like we get incensed over matters that aren’t exactly life and death. A few weeks ago, the watchdogs were chatting about magazine solicitors. With the arrival of spring, we’re now getting concerned about landscaping harassment.