Everyday Food in Montclair: Vote Now

It’s time to survey the crowd about everyday food in Montclair, and you are an opinionated bunch.  What are your top spots for coffee, grocery shopping, pizza and chocolate?

Please take a minute or two to respond:  click here to vote

Before launching Today in Montclair, I conducted a survey for a now-defunct zip code blog.  Back then, I asked for favorites located right in the Village.

The results?  We were in a heated battle about Peet’s, Nelly and Royal Ground.  Cybelle’s was the main pizza option, while Le Bon Bon was for chocolate lovers.  Both Safeway and Lucky’s had their advocates.

However many Villagers hit spots nearby.  To reflect all your everyday food preferences, I wanted to re-open the survey with more options.  Plus a whole year has gone by and your patterns might have changed.

Please vote early but not often – and I’ll share results soon with everyone.  Thanks!