New Shoes In The Village

News from the street:   Madison is turning into a full-service shoe store, while McCaulou’s shoe department is shutting down.  This news is connected because both locations are owned by long-time retailer David McCaulou.

Madison’s new shoes can be found at 2020 Mountain Avenue, replacing the women’s clothing there.  Soon you’ll find complete lines for men, women and children, along with nice handbags and wallets.  We watched McCaulou racing around the store and directing the transformation yesterday.  Assuming no snafus, he said the store should open this Saturday.

For years, Montclarions could buy shoes at McCaulou’s on Medau Place.  Their shoe department has been staffed by knowledgeable and attentive sales people, who even special order for you.  However the downstairs location always seems busy and cramped – and both problems are getting addressed now.

In Montclair, McCaulou’s and Madison offer essentials so you don’t have to traipse elsewhere.  There are nine McCaulou’s stores scattered throughout the North and East Bay, which keep the old-timey department store tradition alive and well.  Private owner David McCaulou also operates Madison, Hollyhock and David M. Brian shops.

At Today in Montclair. we’re unabashed Montclair Village boosters.  So remember to check out the newest entry as you make your local rounds.  We have a feeling that a good shoe store will be eagerly welcomed by villagers.

Montclair’s First In Some Ways

Oakland Magazine recently published its Best of Oakland & the East Bay picks for 2008. There’s no doubt that Montclair is first in some ways…for the dogs.

We’re tops for pets and their owners, sweeping in these categories: Charity Event (Pet Mayor Contest); Pet Shop (Pet Food Express, Map); Place to Work and Vet (Montclair Veterinary Hospital, Map).

Apparently, we are stylish too. Montclair placed tops in Women’s Clothing (Madison, Map) right along with Nordstroms. Guess I will have to take a closer look at Madison, as I mostly stop by for cards.

The magazine also surveyed their online readers. Our Sibley Preserve was voted as one of the top places, a fitting tribute for our ancient volcano up the street.

The unfortunate news? Montclarions are still going to starve, because there are no local restaurants or food stores awarded. We’ll have to travel for our meals – just about anywhere else in the East Bay.