The Day After: How Alameda County Voted

For now, we can see exactly how Alameda County residents voted, and wanted to share the highlights with you.  Here are the county-level results for Montclarions, in the no-spin zone.

Barack State Flags

Some 56% of registered citizens cast ballots, representing 448,597 voters yesterday.  Nearly 60% of county voters came to the polling places, while the rest used absentee ballots.  How did we vote?

For President: Barack Obama garnered 78.5% and John McCain received 19.3% of our votes. We are the bluest-blue voters around here.

Other Contests: In District 9, Barbara Lee was re-elected by a landslide of 85.7% so she stays in D.C.  Loni Hancock received 76.6% of the votes, which puts her back in State Senate.  And Dennis Hayashi received 61.4% for the Superior Court.

In the State Assembly, Nancy Skinner ran uncontested in the 14th district (north of Thornhill) and Sandre Swanson won 87.1% of the votes in the 16th district (south of Thornhill).  Finally in Oakland, Rebecca Kaplan won the at-large City Council seat with 62.0% votes.

Local Measures: Defeated measures include the ones for Teachers Pay (Measure N) and Police Expansion (Measure NN).  Approved measures include Kids First (Measure OO), Mass Transit (Measure VV) and East Bay Open Space (Measure WW).

State Propositions: The Alameda Registrar hasn’t made our county results available yet, but you can click here for state-wide results.  Of course, the national press focused on two bellwethers:  Prop-8, which eliminates marriage rights for same-sex couples (passed with 51.2% votes); and Prop-4, which requires parental notification for abortions (rejected with 47.7% votes).

Enough saturated coverage for now.