Montclarions Creating Youth Mentoring Program

When it comes to Oakland kids, it seems like volunteer efforts make all the difference.  There are so many ways to help, whether at the local schools, libraries or through non-profit groups.

The Montclair Community Action Group (MCAG) recently surveyed their volunteers, and there was plenty of interest in mentoring youth.  So now it’s time to figure out practical ways…to get to work.  Neighbors are invited to MCAG’s brainstorming session this Tuesday evening, where they will help define and create a special youth mentoring program.

Date: Tuesday, November 16th
Time: 7:00pm ~ 9:00pm
Where: Montclair Women’s Club – 1650 Mountain Blvd.

“We are the ones we’ve been waiting for,” said community organizer Barack Obama in a recent video from Oakland Mayor-Elect Jean Quan.  Who are we to argue with that point?

One thought on “Montclarions Creating Youth Mentoring Program

  1. I had another engagement at our school so couldn’t make this meeting.
    I hope volunteers contact their local Elementary & Middle Schools to help
    the kids who are furthest behind (helping all the kids might not be necessary
    + otherwise volunteers won’t get beyond Montclair).

    It would be helpful if MCAG has ramp-up conversations with several local schools
    (Principals/Admin/PTA/SSC). Then continue roll-out downhill. You don’t need to
    go very far away from Montclair to find kids in need of assistance: although “ridge”
    or “slope” schools like Sequoia & Glenview have many Middle Class families, they also
    have significant (if decreasing) #’s of poorer kids who start falling behind before
    they even get to Middle School. Then the trend continues for some kids into Middle
    School, & even at Montera, Edna Brewer & Bret Harte.

    Keeping them on-track helps everybody.

    How to decide: 1st volunteers should have a good idea whether they want to help with
    Reading or Math. 2nd what Age Group (Elementary or Middle) they prefer to work with.
    (If no preferences, then simply go where needed most).

    All these schools are nearby! So it really is not hard to get started. Especially if MCAG
    helps by having a conversation with the schools Principal/Admin so they’re ready to go
    once volunteers start calling.

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