Some CORE Needs To Survive

Like many other city services, CORE is destined for the chopping block soon.

For first responders, Oakland’s CORE program helps extend their reach when disasters strike.   CORE, which stands for Citizens of Oakland Respond to Emergencies, teaches residents how to respond effectively in the first 72 hours…after an earthquake, fire, mudslide or other calamity.

Oakland’s Fire Department started CORE in response to the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake, and ramped up after the 1991 Oakland Hills fires.  CORE has developed a full curriculum related to personal safety, home protection and even pet care when the big whatever hits.

CORE Program

Montclair Safety’s Nick Vigilante believes that some CORE needs to survive regardless of budget cuts.  At tonight’s Public Safety Council Meeting, down at City Hall, he will propose “that CORE and all its current assets be retained and merged with Neighborhood Watch and the Neighborhood Watch Division.  If the City intends to eliminate CORE, this will give them a workable way for keeping CORE in place and going strong.”

Around Montclair, many people have become block captains who have learned some things from CORE – or Montclair MONS – training and practices.  How will more advanced knowledge be shared if CORE shuts down?  I think this is where volunteerism comes into play, because we know it’s just a matter of time for Mother Earth to deliver her next blow.

Evening Update: Nick Vigilante returned from the Public Safety Council Meeting with good news.  “There may be some cuts in the CORE Program and/or the CORE Program may be moved to the Neighborhood Services Division,” explained Vigilante.  “However, I do not think it will impact the delivery of CORE Program services.  All of this is still to be determined.”

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