Everything’s Coming Up Roses

Maybe spring has arrived for the local economy, after all.  At least some April numbers seem to bode well for our local real estate market…if they are for real.

Rather than waiting for official reports, which can take months, we just played around with some Zillow numbers.  During the past few weeks, there has been a sharp turnaround in housing values.  See for yourself, by clicking and inserting your address here.

Zillow - Mid-April

We live in the ever-so-humble Merriewood area, where the price estimates shot up.  The same uptick is clear throughout our 94611 zip code too.  Equally important, this turnaround may be playing out for the entire City of Oakland.

Today in Montclair sees these graphs and starts singing “Everything’s Coming Up Roses.”  Maybe we should be more circumspect, since it’s hard to assess the factors driving the turnaround.  Still, we wanted to sharing sunny news amidst all the recession gloom.

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