Talk About Montclair Micro-Climates

There’s no question that weather varies across Montclair.  It depends on your altitude, whether you live in the canyons versus hills, and if the fog hits your home in a particular way.

After years of defaulting to, I decided to explore more specific sources.  Weatherbug set up a full station and reports from Merritt College.  Weatherbonk offers a weather cam, live from the Chabot Observatory.

Chabot Weathercam

Several micro-climate stations are available through the Weather Underground, including Indian Way, Piedmont Pines, and the Skyline/Snake intersection.  You can easily visit the site nearest you, and compare different Oakland results as well.

Weather Underground

Late Wednesday, the weather seemed to hold steady across Oakland.  There was at least a five-degree spread between the hills and flats, and Montclair stations all hovered between 43-46 degrees.  Most importantly the winds had completely calmed down, after the storms blew through here.

Anyway, we really like these local weather sources and the fact that you don’t have to rely on all-Oakland reports anymore.  Do you know other sources worth sharing?  Let everyone know here.

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