Blow Me Over, Blow The Man Down

Today we seem to be experiencing “end of days” weather, with amazing winds and record-high temperatures to boot.  It’s over 70 degrees right now, and this is January?  So much for the rainy season, as this feels like fire season instead.

This morning, we weren’t literally blown off our moorings.  However the neighborhood pine trees are all reaching their 80-year expiration dates, and these major gusts could topple a few.  Expect plenty of natural or man-made detritus in our neighborhoods when this all blows through.

Windy Destruction

The Tribune reported on the strange weather and snapped this photo down in the Laurel District, which shows what happens when a single tree meets civilization.  It looks like the house and roof actually withstood the impact of the tree fall, but it’s hard to confirm.  Of course, the Laurel is in “the slants” where wind speeds are lower than the hills – let this be fair warning.

Feel free to click on the National Weather Service report for today and next week.  While the winds are beginning to die down, we can still expect gusts up to 30 MPH through tonight.  Today in Montclair doesn’t normally re-issue weather reports, but this is too unusual to ignore.

Please report what you are seeing and feeling out there, if you get a chance.

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