Artistic Merits Of The Bay Bridge

As a commuter, the Bay Bridge can become something you barely even notice – except for the traffic delays as you scurry back and forth.

Yet if you slow down, our beloved “number two” bridge displays its artistic merits in spades.  Here’s a quickly-curated photography exhibit that reveals the elegance and moods of this work-a-day bridge.

Bay Bridge Alignment

“Alignment” – Our first photograph provides nice contrast between the man-made structures and well-lit sky above.  It almost looks like the bridge towers and skyscrapers were built in a formal alignment.

Bay Bridge Industrial

“Industrial” – This next image highlights the scale of the bridge, compared to the surrounding land.  We can marvel about the bridge’s construction in the 1930s, and understand why it takes billions to support infrastructure now.

Bay Bridge Peaceful

“Peaceful” – In this third photo, the bridge fits perfectly within the serene landscape.  It seems to be a welcomed icon when viewed from the San Francisco Embarcadero, right at water’s edge.

Bay Bridge Streaming

“Streaming” – Finally, this bridge of streaming light just screams at you.  The photographer creates the sensation that you are entering an alternate or virtual universe here.  What intensity!

So that concludes our quick photography exhibit of the Bay Bridge.  The next time you are trying to cool your heels in the maze or are crawling eastward through the second level dungeon, maybe you’ll pause and appreciate – rather than curse – this amazing bridge.

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