Some 15 Police Cars In Hot Pursuit

This just in… some police action to top off the year!  Over in the North Hills, there were Oakland police hotly pursuing robbers.  While this is par for the course in places like LA, we have learned about a chase that just took place on Rt 24 instead.

Hats off to Jim Dexter for this report:

A capture of armed robbers by overwhelming OPD force occurred starting at 1:20 p.m. today.  I was trying to travel to the Caldecott Tunnel, and had started to turn on the 13/24 east ramp when many OPD vehicles came rushing by.  At least 15 OPD vehicles arrived at the top of the ramp, officers exited their vehicles with guns drawn.  The east-bound traffic on 24 was completely halted.  I was told by one officer that the suspects were robbery related, and that there was at least one rifle in the vehicle.

When I looked around for more info or details, there’s nothing to be found yet.  I’m sure this news will garner a mention or two by the TV stations or press later.  Anyone else around to witness this underway?

Update:   Inside Bay Area posted Police stopping suspected robbery vehicle halt traffic on Highway 24.  According to staff reports, “at least three men were detained at gunpoint by police.”

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