Join Linda Tillery & Holly Near At Today’s Sing

Join Linda Tillery, Holly Near and others at today’s Community Sing.  For those in the know, this is a terrific way to spend Sunday afternoon with true musical talents.

Two hootenannies are scheduled to begin at 1 pm and 4 pm, at the Montclair Women’s Cultural Arts Club (map).  Admission is $20-23/adult and $5/kids, 12 and under.

Community Sing Montclair

So who are these singers?  Let’s start with Linda Tillery, a veteran R&B artist, drummer and musicologist.  Here are smooth, jazzy tunes on MySpace (listen) as well as a soulful rendition of Swing Low, Sweet Chariot (listen).  Beyond her solo efforts, Linda also leads and tours with the Cultural Heritage Choir.

Holly Near seems to be walking history, starting with her gig in the original Broadway cast of Hair.  She joined an anti-war tour with Jane Fonda and Donald Sutherland, and has been a social activist ever since.  Here are examples of Near’s grassroots pieces, Foolish Notion (listen) and Fired Up (listen).

If you are around for the holidays, then check out this baby boomer delight.

Update:  We stopped by the earlier 1 pm event, which was fun but not crowded enough.

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