Private Yoga Class, Unintended

There’s a first for everything.  Tonight I showed up for a yoga class, and was the only one present and accounted for.

My instructor soundly rejected my offer to leave and seemed happy to lead a private class.  It turns out that Mountain Yoga (map) sticks to scheduled practices, very nice!


Usually I’m one of the crowd, trying hard to relax and not stick out.  So having a private class – really a one-on-one session – made me nervous.  Of course, that anxiety vanished about five minutes into the 1.5 hour class.

Okay, I think that I may be hooked here.  Was this because of the attention or due to Anja Borgstrom’s approach?  She leads pre/post natal classes, as well as other relaxing practices for folks who want some of that yoga bliss.  All I can say is this feeling was delivered in spades tonight.

After class, I decided to check out Anja’s website and discovered her artwork too.  It’s time to repay the kindness by sharing the yoga poses above – or click here to see a more complete art gallery.  Namaste and all that stuff.

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