Join The Oakland Bloggers Live, On Wed Night

Lately, Oaklanders have been coming out of the woodwork and doing an excellent job blogging about their specific neighborhoods, interests or points of view.  At some point there might be more amateur bloggers than journalists, though it’s hard to say.

Though the magic of online links, the local bloggers have formed their own virtual community.  Now we are about to actually meet each other, and anyone who blogs or even enjoys commenting on blogs is welcome to Blog This! on Wednesday night.  We will gather at The Washington Inn (495 10th Street, map), anytime from 7:30pm to 10:00pm.

Oakland Blogger Gathering

As part of the local blogging crew, Today in Montclair tries to be a friendly observer of this one-of-a-kind place, and finds inspiration from neighbors online and off-line.  Our blog ends up covering an eclectic mix of village doings, city politics, real estate, culture, history, mother nature…you name it.

Without even knowing it, this kind of hyper-local blogging has become quite the rage in Oakland and beyond.  It’s sort of like writing an old-fashioned diary, except the entries are meant for public consumption.  Of course, there are many blogs that come and go, because they take steady time and attention to nurture.

In Oakland alone, there are more than two dozen active blogs.  To take a quick look at what they cover, check out A Better Oakland and its recent love for local bloggers.  Whatever their individual passions, our bloggers share that hella love for Oakland.

So you’re welcome to schmooze with this motley crew, who are coming out of the woodwork to meet in person.  As an added benefit, no one will be tapping away at their keyboards this Wednesday night, either.

One thought on “Join The Oakland Bloggers Live, On Wed Night

  1. abetteroakland sent me your way via the post you have linked above.

    Love the Oakland blogs. I used to go to sfgate, now I rely much more on the blogs alone.

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