Get Your Toys Tested For Toxicity

Get your gift toys tested for toxic chemicals, and rest easier this holiday season.  Chemicals that have been found in some toys include lead, bromine, cadmium, chlorine, arsenic and mercury.  Isn’t that lovely?

Many well-known toys have been tested by Healthy Toys, and you can check this bad toys list.  For example, the Ballerina Barbie doll seems to have mercury problems, while other Barbies are fine.

Ballerina Barbie Testing

But what about toys that haven’t made this list?  The Center for Environmental Health (CEH) will come to your rescue and offer testing at the Montclair Rec Center (map) this Thursday, from 4pm-6pm.

Their team will bring along an “x-ray fluorescence analyzer” to gauge lead as well as other chemical levels.  The CEH says they will limit each person to two toys, if things are busy.

If you can’t make it to the Montclair Rec Center but are interested in testing toys, then drive down to the CEH office at 2201 Broadway, Suite 302 (map).  The office will be open Monday-Thursday, from noon-6pm daily, through December 23rd.

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