The United Neighborhood Councils of Oakland Rises

By now, you are likely familiar with Montclair’s two neighborhood safety groups which cover residents living north of Thornhill (police beat 13Y) and south of Thornhill (beat 13Z) respectively.

Montclair Councils

Now there’s a brand-new effort to address issues among all 52 neighborhood councils scattered throughout Oakland. The United Neighborhood Councils of Oakland – dubbed “UNCO” – is putting its bylaws to a vote tomorrow.  Their mission aims to:

  • Promote coordination of effort and advocacy on issues of concern on behalf of the citizens of Oakland
  • Provide assistance, support, and resources to all Neighborhood Councils, including the exchange of best practices
  • Facilitate and promote the full implementation of Community Policing as delineated in City Council of Oakland Resolution 79235 CMS

Back in 2005, the City Council implemented Resolution 79235 “to provide a structured approach to community involvement.”  While the individual police-beats and groups have been developed since then, the UNCO is another way to communicate safety priorities at a more unified level with Oakland’s police and other departments.

What’s interesting is that UNCO could function as an escalation path for the neighborhood councils.  So when a specific council has some question, say about solicitors, the unified group seeks hyper-local and city-wide responses too.

The UNCO organizers invite everyone to attend their fifth organizing meeting and watch the bylaw approvals.  Delegates representing each of the 52 councils are eligible to vote.   The proceedings take place Tuesday from 7pm-9pm, at Eastmont Police Sub-Station, 2651 73rd Avenue (map).

More info:  Visit the United Neighborhood Councils of Oakland’s first online home, which includes an interactive map of all neighborhood councils.

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