Faded Memories Back At Yoshi’s

Back in the 1980s, I remember thinking that Spyro Gyra was so cool.  At least their brand of jazz seemed to stand out, as bland pop-rock played all around.  I’m no music snob, but what happened?

Listen to these MP3 tracks available on the group’s website, like Harbor Nights and Breakfast at Igor’s.  They are still nice enough, but start to sound the same.  The music doesn’t seem special anymore.

Based in NYC now, Spyro Gyra continues hitting the road.  They will be performing at Yoshi’s in Jack London Square, over the next three nights.  Tickets are completely reasonable, for the six scheduled shows.

Anyway, am I alone with these faded memories?

One thought on “Faded Memories Back At Yoshi’s

  1. based on those tracks, Spiro Gyra sounds like they always did, though smoother if that’s possible (I was also listening to them in the 80s – my 20s). And that’s the problem, I think. Just a bit too polished, too commercial.

    Have you checked out pandora.com? I made a channel there with Al Dimeola (another of my 80s faves) as my seed artist and got all kinds of interesting stuff I haven’t heard before.

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