Catch Chicks-n-Chickens On Tour

Attention new moms!  Catch the summer tour of the Chicks-n-Chickens class, today in Montclair.  This is a mixed class with toning exercises and lullabies, developed by Alamedan Darcy Novo Albrecht.

Darcy’s leading two free 35-minute demo classes at 11:30am and 1:00pm today, at The Tulip Grove (map here).  Bring yourself and your baby, along with a good carrier.

The hipster site Daily Candy says these are great lullaby exercises:  “Hush, little baby, don’t say a word. Mama’s going to burn a few lbs. while she rocks you to sleep.”  It sounds like a nice multitasking routine for moms.

If you miss the classes today, then there will be more in Berkeley and Walnut Creek soon (schedule here).  Keep in mind there could be some sales pressure for the $30 DVD/CD, similar to a book reading.

Still if you’re a new mom, there are so few welcoming places and this is one – if your child is between eight weeks and a year old.

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