Pastor’s Car Gets Ripped Off

When the pastor’s car gets ripped off, we have proof that Montclair Village is not “heaven on earth” anymore. His good old Honda could not have been worth much, at least intact.

The theft was reported recently on the Montclair Crimewatch Group message board.  Apparently, an unidentified pastor wanted to buy a few groceries this week and drove to Safeway.

“Our pastor went to shop at the Montclair Safeway for 10 minutes Monday afternoon.  One of the few times he felt he did not need to put a club on his 1993 Honda Station Wagon, which did not have a remote locking fob and alarm system.”

There was a Safeway guard on duty, too! The store manager said it was the first time anyone has stolen a car from the lot, and he’s been working there for ten years.

It’s too bad for the pastor, but we can learn from his misfortune.  Lock up tight if you have an earlier model car.  Or else try Lucky’s – how ironic – as an alternative market.

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