Vote Tuesday For Your Reps

Although it may have been thrilling to vote in the early U.S. Prexy primaries, the Tuesday election is much closer to home. You’ll make a difference by casting a ballot for your state and local reps:

One thought on “Vote Tuesday For Your Reps

  1. I am voting for FRANK ROSE for Council At Large. Council At-Large seat is a complex one. Unlike the other council seats, the At- Large Councilmember must be trusted to take a holistic view of the City’s needs and to act accordingly. Often times that seat is counted as the ‘swing vote’.

    I know I can depend on Frank Rose to effectively fill that seat for the following reasons:

     He served as the ‘man behind the man’ as community relations aide to out-going councilperson at-large, Henry Chang, and understands, firsthand, the complex issues challenging our City

     His years of volunteerism and activism reflect his philosophy of ‘inclusion’. His political agenda encompasses the issues faced by all ethnicities, ages, and faiths. His platform involves the rights of all not just some

     He is proactive and action oriented. Unlike many politicians, he acts way beyond lip service, has complete follow up, and never forgets

     He has institutional knowledge about what it takes to govern the City, and has gained ongoing momentum and respect from our local elected officials, organizations, and advocacy groups across the county

     He is determined, passionate, and trustworthy and will always speak the truth and act with integrity.

    In short, he has undeniably built bridges across this city. He is the candidate I can trust to do the right thing for Oakland. For more information, visit or call me!

    Thank you for your support. You will not be disappointed.

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