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Montclarion Crime = Landscaping Harassment

Our crimes are just not world class.

Thanks to the East Bay Express, I learned about a recent plant theft. It spurred me to investigate all landscaping matters reported through our Montclair watchdog group this month.

Plainly Irritating – A commercial establishment uses a leaf blower at 8am once/week and creates noise pollution for neighbors. I would say try living in the city sometime, and buck up.

Cause for Alarm - Someone has been driving by a landscape project and seems suspicious. We are in America, so I would like to follow our innocent until guilty principles.

Village Theft - Some 72 succulents (mostly Echevarias) were stolen from a homeowner’s property. Okay, this is an actual theft and I’m sure the plants were worth something.

For those who can’t picture succulents, here’s a photo showcasing some beauties. These are planted in Oakland, and no one has stolen them yet.

While petty crimes occur in Montclair, it seems like we get incensed over matters that aren’t exactly life and death. A few weeks ago, the watchdogs were chatting about magazine solicitors. With the arrival of spring, we’re now getting concerned about landscaping harassment.


Era Ends With Dennis Richmond

Our “eminent gris” newscaster will anchor his final show tomorrow night. After four decades, Dennis Richmond retires from KTVU, as planned.

Richmond’s run on the station is pretty atypical. Normally the news-anchor spots change with the seasons or ratings, but not in this case. When he started, he broke all sorts of stereotypes — and then grew into the news icon of today.

In Oakland Mag’s Best of Oakland picks, he was identified as the best male TV anchor: “In all fairness, is there really anybody else?”

Click on this image of Dennis, below, and see the video which features Dennis through the years.


Montclair Embraces New Moms

Just saw this new shop, which embraces and seems perfect for new moms. The Tulip Grove has all the right stuff for babies, classes for moms, and built-in comraderie too.

Here are the founders, who want to help moms remove many of the initial “what do I do about…?” stresses. It’s tough to be a perfect Montclarion mother.

Before this, moms had more limited options.  Montclair Yoga offers a respite from babies, as well as a Mom & Baby class on Fridays at 11:15am — with the perfect mix of chaos and zen.  Of course, the coffee shops are also decent spots, but not for moms alone.

So Tulip has arrived, and is located right in the Village (map here).   For those of us without babes-in-arms, it’s also a convenient place to pick up practical gifts for friends who are expecting.


Dead Heat: Top, Village Dogs

Frankly (!), we are in a dead heat.

Last week, I ran an survey for the best local weiners. Would Berkeley’s Top Dog win? Or Montclair’s own Village Dog alternative?

We have to learn something from Bush vs Gore — or Hillary vs Obama.  Because of the outcome, I intend to keep voting open until there’s a clear winner.

Vote early but not often:  sorry, election is over


Bike to Work Day!

Join the Bay Area’s 14th annual celebration of the two-wheeler tomorrow. Somewhere between 50,000 and 100,000 people are expected to take to the streets.

More than half the expected bicyclers don’t pedal to the office normally, so special energizer stations have been set up to fuel everyone.

In Montclair, the Wheels of Justice (map here) will serve a free breakfast to all bicycling commuters. Just show up anytime between 7am and 9am.

While our hills can make this a grunt, it’s worth giving this a try. For more info, check out the Bike to Work web site or Facebook group.

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